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Payday Loan Scams

We’ve probably all heard about these specialist financial lenders, they’re the companies who will lend you a proportion of your next months wages today in return for a debit card repayment (plus interest) the following month. Designed as emergency, short term loans, these lenders provide a vital service to consumers who have no other means o financial support, such as bank overdrafts or credit cards.

But like everything else I guess, there are scams.

Having been in a position where I’ve been forced to use these companies I’ve learned the scams. These range from up front “Arrangement” fees, really expensive text/SMS message charges, foreign call centres (India seems to be really popular) and unauthorised debit card payments.

I’ve set up a web page specifically to cater for those customers who need urgent funds, using only the companies I have personally used myself. These companies do not scam you, their rates are reasonable, and there’s no hidden charges.

If you’re looking at urgent finance, and live in the UK, try the companies on this page here. You won’t get ripped off.


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Posted by: debtslammer | July 31, 2010

Cutting The Risk Of Alzheimers

Drinking fruit and vegetable juice more than 3 times a week can reduce your risk of developing Alzeimers Disease by an incredible 76% according to a US study.

An accumulation of so called “bad proteins” in the brain is thought to be responsible for the memory loss which marks Alzeimers. But Polyphenols, the naturally occuring anti oxidants found in fruit and vegetables can help by combating the dangerous compounds, known as free radicals, in the brain.

The US Study did not specify the types of juices to drink, but it is now well known that red and orange fruit and vegetables are particularily rich in anti oxidants.

But you shouldn’t cheat and use multi vitamins instead of fresh fruit juice – the study found that taking vitamin supplements didn’t have the same effect- only juices made from fresh fruit and vegetables give you the protection.


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Posted by: debtslammer | April 22, 2010

Money Making Opportunities: Are They For Real?

Money making opportunities are constantly being advertised everywhere from the internet to the street corner. You will find them all over newspapers and magazines. If you actually look for them, you will find so many that it can be hard to decide what to go for.

On the internet, showing people how to make money from home is now big business. In fact, the sheer number of money making opportunities online is making people wonder whether these systems, programs and schemes can be for real. Do people really make money with internet marketing, or is it all hype?

The answer depends on what you do and what you expect. Anybody going onto the internet thinking that they can make millions in a few days is going to be disappointed. However, some people do make serious money within a few months or years.

The secret – and most people do not want to hear it – is that it takes hard work. It is true that some people are lucky and strike gold pretty quick, but they have usually worked hard in that time and maybe had some experience of business or the internet before they started out trying to make money online. They may also have had money to invest, or perhaps they had no other work and were able to be developing their online business 12 hours a day. Necessity is a great motivator.

However, working harder does not necessarily result in success. ‘Work smarter, not harder’ is a tag that you will often see. Successful online businesses usually outsource at least some of their work.

Outsourcing means that you hire somebody else to do the grunt work or the parts of your business that you cannot handle or do not like doing. An example would be that if you are not technically minded, you could hire someone to build websites for you. This does not mean that you have to have an employee sitting in your house working with you. People are usually hired over the internet to work from their own homes, which may be on the other side of the world.

If you see something advertised as a business opportunity, be sure to do your due diligence before investing your money or time. While some of these are genuine businesses, in many cases you can find yourself in competition with thousands of other people all trying to sell the same service to the same people. You need to have an edge to stand out from the crowd to make good money with multi level marketing, for example. That is a hard business for a beginner to break into.

Often, the secret to making money is ‘Do what I do, not what I say’. In other words, you take a good look at how the successful people are running their businesses. Instead of buying into their program along with thousands of others to try to make money the way that they say, model your business around what they are actually doing. Then you may find that instead of struggling to make money with these money making opportunities, you may have thousands of customers of your own.

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Posted by: debtslammer | April 22, 2010

The UK Mortgage That Doesn’t Require a Credit Score

Legal & General Mortgage Club has launched a new mortgage where applicants do not need to be credit scored. The two-year fixed-rate mortgage, which has a rate of 3.35pc, is the only offer of its kind available to borrowers.

Martin Smith, head of mortgages at Legal & General, said: “Credit scoring has its place but complex prime cases are not always catered for by this approach. There are many reasons why an otherwise creditworthy borrower might generate a low credit score. Ditching credit scoring is an innovative, back to basics way of looking at lending and the rate on this product is extremely competitive too.”

The product, which is provided by Hanley Economic Building Society, comes with a £100 booking fee and a £1,399 administration fee and is available to a maximum loan-to-value (LTV (LTVCQ.PK – news) ) of 75pc.

Melanie Bien, director of mortgage broker Savills Private Finance, said: “A product that uses old-fashioned underwriting rather than a formulaic credit score is welcome as this is very rare in the mainstream market, and the rate is also quite competitive.”

However, Ms Bien pointed out that borrowers should be wary, as the lender is likely to be more cautious if it is considering applications on a case-by-case basis than it would with generic credit scoring.

She said: “For example, it may take a harder line with regard to existing debt, loan multiples, and other properties in the background.”

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Posted by: debtslammer | April 20, 2010

Secrets Of Making Money On Ebay

Making money on eBay (R) may not be as easy as it used to be, but it is still possible. There are many people earning a good living from their eBay businesses.

Many people start out as eBay sellers by selling things around the house that they do not need. That is a great way to get experience of the eBay selling process and if you are just starting out with auction sales, you should not skip this step.

However, once you have learnt the basic selling process and built up some seller feedback, it is time to move on to something that can earn you more money with less effort.

When selling individual items, you will have noticed that it can take a long time to write and design a good eBay listing. Not only that but you have to take a photo and then edit and upload the photo. All of these things take time and it is not going to be worth your while selling a lot of different small items for 99 pence if you have to photograph and describe each one individually.

This means that the best way to be making money on eBay is to sell a lot of the same item, or just a small range of items. Then all that you have to do is write one listing, take one photo, and keep on repeating the listing.

It will also help buyers to trust you. This is because if you are listing a lot of the same type of thing, they can see that you are a serious seller of whatever you have decided to specialize in.

In fact, if you have two very different ranges of goods, such as children’s toys and domain names, you might want to set up different eBay accounts to sell them from. Otherwise there is a risk that somebody who is on the point of paying you £1,000 for a great website might change their mind when they check out your eBay store and find that it is full of furry toy animals.

What you sell will depend on the space that you have available in your home. Established sellers may rent warehouses but this is not usually an option when you are starting out. Of course, you can use drop shipping, but be aware that many others may be doing the same and these people will be in direct competition with you on eBay. Often it is better to use a site like to source imported goods.

Many business sellers find that it works out best to list items under Buy It Now. You can experiment with this for your particular range of goods. With auctions, it is true that you may sometimes have keen bidders pushing the price up high, but this is not so likely if you are selling repeat items.

Often, buyers are prepared to pay a little more to save the hassle of coming online to bid again and again before an auction ends, or missing out on the item completely. Buy It Now is often a simple and effective solution for both buyer and seller and can help you build a good business making money on eBay.

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Posted by: debtslammer | April 19, 2010

Making Money At Home The Easy Way

Making money at home is easy when you know how. That is what anybody would tell you. It is getting started that is always the difficult part. Get through those first few months and you will find that once the money starts coming in, it is easy to make it grow.

However, in the beginning it can be tough. It is important to understand this from the start. If you are relying on being able to make the equivalent of a full time job income in the first month, you are probably going to be disappointed. There are usually some costs associated with making money at home and it takes time to build up the returns. In the first few months, you may even be spending more than you earn.

This is a real problem for many people when they start working from home as a self employed person or starting their own business. The way to deal with it is to make sure that you have some money coming in from another source while you build your business.

Let’s take an example. Say you have decided to build websites with Google Adsense advertising on them. This is a fairly simple internet business plan, especially if you use an interface like where the technical base of the sites is already built for you and you only have to tweak it. However, it takes time before you start to see a lot of visitors to the site. Your advertising revenue will depend very closely on how many site visitors you have, and so it may be a few months before you have enough sites and enough visitors to make anything more than a few pounds.

The good news is that there is always a way around this, that will cover your expenses and make some income right away. In this example you could immediately sell every fifth or every tenth site that you build. You can list them on marketplaces such as and find buyers. Depending on the domain name, how much content you have on the site and whether the content is original, you could earn anything from $100 to $1000 for a new site.

That’s just one example. Another way to finance your new business would be to spend some of your time working for somebody who will pay for your time. You might do some market research, customer support, article writing for website owners, or even babysitting.

This may not be what you want to do in the long term, but it will get you through that initial rough period and help your business to survive. When you start out, it is important to find and easy way of making money at home so that your new home business has time to develop.

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Posted by: debtslammer | April 19, 2010

Best Online Home Business Opportunity

What is the best online home business opportunity? It is kind of hard to say, isn’t it? There are so many of them out there. Some may be scams, but a lot are legitimate business opportunities.

Look at any of these opportunities in detail, ask about them on internet marketing forums, and you will almost certainly find that all of them have their positive and their negative points. What is more, some people are making money with them and others (probably the majority) are not.

So it quickly becomes clear that there is no ‘holy grail’, one size fits all, best online home business opportunity. Different people have success with different programs. And that, of course, is because we all have different skills, experience and preferences.

A woman who loves going to parties and having fun with her girlfriends could do very well with a party-based multi level marketing business opportunity in something like lingerie or kitchenware. Another, who is less sociable but used to be a school teacher, might be good at selling children’s books to parents and schools. Could you do one of those businesses? The money is there if you can.

If you prefer not to do any selling at all, then you can work online and never meet your customers or even talk to them on the phone.

However, most multi level marketing plans require you to have some contact with customers. It is true that you can do most of the actual marketing online, setting up a blog and getting traffic to it so that people are calling you wanting to sign up to your business, but you still have to be prepared to talk to them when they call.

So if you are extremely anti social, avoid MLM. Instead, the best online home business opportunity for you would be something that is entirely internet based where everything is automated or can be done by email. For example, you could set up a website selling ebooks and drive traffic to that.

Or, to get rid of customer support issues entirely, look into affiliate marketing or build websites that bring in advertising revenue from Google Adsense. Google will pay you every month direct into your bank once you reach a certain level of income and you never have any contact with customers and do not even have to write an email.

So the first step in finding the best online home business opportunity is to figure out what you want to do and what you are good at, and find something that fits.

The second step is to work at it consistently, not giving up and not being distracted into trying something else instead just because you have not gotten rich after 2 weeks. This is probably the hardest thing and the reason why some people seem to make money with any type of program and others cannot make a cent. Focusing your efforts is the biggest secret in finding the best online home business opportunity.

Posted by: debtslammer | April 18, 2010 Postage Scandal Cracked!

I’ve written before about the Lulu postage scam. For those readers who haven’t read my previous post about this self publishing company, they basically provide an excellent service in publishing your book into print and paper from a PDF upload. And the books are good.

But, around the time of the postal strike in the UK late last year, they increased their delivery charges to an extortinate amount. This is crippling, both to the self publisher himself, and to his consequential sales.

Bottom line? I can publish a book with this company that costs me £2.52. Fine. Such a book comes with a retail price of around £5.00 for selling on, making an healthy profit. But, since the postal strike, now charge £12.00 delivery per book.

I’ve made some decent sales, worldwide, through But not any more. I haven’t sold a single book for three months now, despite having worldwide distributor channels. Who’s going to buy a £5 book and pay £12.00 delivery? Especially when these books cost 75 pence to post out to customers when I sell direct?

Lulu have ruined hours of my time getting these books into print.

So, I’ve developed a work around. I now print my own books. I’ve learned how to bind. My local printer prints and laminates the covers for me for just over £1 each. And the books, when they’re finished, look brilliant, now I’ve taught myself how to do it.

So, I can still sell my books through Amazon & eBay and such places. I still have to use Lulu at the moment for ISBN number allocation and their worldwide distribution cataloging and sales channels. But I’m working on this.

Basically, I now only have to order a proof copy of a book (complete with £12.00 postage) to approve it after ISBN allocation. As soon as it’s listed on Amazon (who only sell books with an ISBN number), I sell the books myself undercutting the official publisher price.

And it works!

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Posted by: debtslammer | March 20, 2010

Do You Need Motivation At This Very Moment?

Do you know what we all have in common?

You know, the billions and billions who came before you, who used to live in the jungles of time and space.

Their adventure is over.
You know what else?

Given another chance, they’d take more risks. Not because they’d always succeed, but because from where they are now, the glory of knowing they at least tried, far exceeds any regrets of never knowing what might have been.

Are you struggling now?

The slate’s been wiped clean, the past has released its grip, and before you sparkles eternity, yearning for direction. All that lies between you and the life of your dreams is just one teeny, tiny, gentle, little rule. Only one condition, prerequisite, principle that matters.

It’s not love. It’s not God. It’s not fate, or luck, or karma. It’s not complicated or esoteric, and you needn’t sacrifice, plead, or pray to invoke it.

It’s the only rule that’s ever existed, and it’s the only one that will ever exist.

No reality can exist in its absence. For its mere existence, you are. With its existence, the power, the light, and the way are revealed. It’s your purpose to discover it, and it’s your destiny to master it. It’s the beginning, the middle, and the end. The Alpha and the Omega. The be-all and end-all of every wish, desire, and dream, and you are its keeper.

This caveat of all caveats is that absolutely nothing can be anything until it is first imagined. Thoughts become things, nothing else does. And so it’s the thoughts you choose from here on out that will become the things and events of your life, forevermore.

It is written in stone. There’s no other way.

It’s your ticket to anywhere you can dream of. Your passport to abundance, health, and friendships. The key to the palace of your wildest dreams.

Your thoughts, and your thoughts alone, will set you in motion. Your thoughts will yield the inspiration, creativity, and determination you need. Your thoughts will orchestrate the magic and inspire the Universe. Your thoughts will carry you to the finish line if you just keep thinking them. Never give up. Never waiver, doubt, or ask.

Aim high.

That you’ve even received this Note, that you’re able to read it through, means you are so close. So extraordinarily close. The hardest work has been done. The wars have already been waged. The lessons have already been learned.

The journey, now, is for home.

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Posted by: debtslammer | January 31, 2010

Making Progress – Up And Down

The shift change at work has happened, and the department I work in has now been reduced from 5 members to just 2, of which I’m one of them.

One of my colleagues has retired, rather than face signing on, and the other two have been laid off.

Finished. The end of a five year chapter whilst I’ve been there.

That now puts in a “proper” job for the first time since 1987, when I started working nights. I now work days, Monday to Friday, and for me, this is going to represent a massive life and culture change for me. I know, given time, that working days will be beneficial for me, as, as human beings, we are not designed to work nights.

This has been my first designated weekend off for ages. I’ve finished my membership site now, which went live about three hours ago as I write this, and I now only have to update the site on a weekly basis with new downloads for the members.

I’m sorting out my new schedule now as with only two days off in a row, then working 5, my time is really pushed. I am trying to devote one weekend day to the business only; as I still have to do “normal” things like mowing the lawn, household duties and so on, and I’m trying to re-arrange my life so that I work 5 days in the job, the business for one day, and leave the seventh day for the household responsibilities.

It’s hard going fitting everything in. Before I used to work 8 or 9 days/nights straight, then have 5 off. See the difference?

It is even more important now that my business income starts to become residual, repeating and still comes in without any hands on work from me for 6 days a week. That’s the idea behind the membership site. Tying this in with my eBay store and Amazon book store gives me 3 streams of passive income.

You can see my membership page here:

That’s got to be a good start to my 2010 debt free strategy, hasn’t it?

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